Notes Kudos Pictures
Engagement party:
locationPrivate home, backyard
detailsBuffet table: 1/2 California..1/2 Oklahoma. California maps, colorful flowers, shells, and California cuisine! Fresh spinach and strawberry salad, pineapple, sushi, teriyaki skewers, etc. Oklahoma side with cast iron kettle of fried okra, skillets of ribs and fried chicken! Tropical print napkins for California, gingham for Oklahoma. Something for everyone!
genresCalifornia meets Oklahoma!
momentsAren't all the best moments in life when your best friends and family are all around you in celebration? Top it off with a beautiful couple, a perfect warm California evening and a spectacular sunset..what more could you want?
thoughtsAn engagement party is kind of like a baby shower..both are about celebrating what's to come. The bride to be got to really show off her great guy this evening..and her ring! This is going to be a great wedding..more to come!
creditsdonna urban events