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Nashville Classic:
locationFranklin, Tn.
detailsA blend of military tradition and Tennessee summer nights! The bride gave a nod to her groom's full dress uniform by carrying a gorgeous bouquet of mixed blues and whites. After riding up to the ceremony site in a convertible red and white 1957 Corvette, she walked down a blue iris and hydrangea petaled aisle hung with magnolia garland and white florals. The groom awaited her in front of the doors of a huge red barn, draped with white cotton tie-backs of white florals. That's it for the red, white and blue! After the ceremony the couple each took a barn door and pulled them back to reveal an interior draped with strands of vertical market lights and white cotton panels. Each stall was lit from within as well as the rafters. The grand focus was on a gigantic American flag that hung over the back doors of the barn. A hip lounge in the barn, a John Deere tractor just outside filled with iced PBR's, a 'cigar stall' and 3 fabulous areas of dining tables and an all white dance floor completed the scene. A change over to tangerine colors in napkins and extraordinary florals set the mood to "Fun!" A full military saber ceremony welcomed the bride to the Army, and fireworks lit the night sky to celebrate.
genresWestpoint officer weds California 'country' girl
momentsGoodness. The bride and groom having their '1st look' on a long southern style tree lined drive. The bride riding in on the back of a vintage Corvette; her brother as driver and escort to their dad waiting at the back of the aisle. The musicians, Kari and Billy that played and sang so beautifully. After their introduction as husband and wife, watching the bride and groom open the huge barn doors revealing the gigantic American flag at the far end. Servers lined up with trays of champagne, people making their way through the barn during an array of amazing appetizers (mini ham biscuits, come on!) and passing an a very hip all white furniture lounge tucked into a corner of the barn. The impressive military saber ceremony that the couple was ushered through, welcoming the bride into the Army! The couple's 1st dance, he in his dress blues uniform and she in her incredible white dress, as they slow danced on the all white dance floor. The BAND, Savannah Jack, and their fun, fun, fun way of making a party! Did I mention FIREWORKS? Or the cake cutting with a SABER? Let's just end with the exit tunnel of American flags and cheering guests as they made their way into a vintage Rolls Royce to carry them away!
thoughtsI must admit it. This was my own daughter's wedding. How much FUN was this to pull out all of the stops and be able to have all of our dearest friends and family be present to enjoy it all with us? From the save the dates at the beginning to the American flag send off at the end, this was a wedding to remember. If you are reading this, be sure to check out the pictures on my facebook page: Donna Urban Events and look at the Nashville wedding album. You can also see video on my webpage on The My thanks to my daughter who allowed me to plan this wedding, and for telling me that it exceeded her dreams!
creditsPhotography: Dove Photography, Nashville. Video: Catchlight Cinema, Nashville. Florals: Enchanted Florist, Nashville. Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting, Nashville. Draping: Visual Elements, Nashville. Rentals: Liberty Party Rentals, Nashville. Catering: Chefs Market, Nashville. Cake: Dessert Designs, Nashville