Notes Kudos Pictures
Utah Adventurers:
"Donna is one of the most thorough, responsible, and organized people you could hope to work with - but perhaps more importantly, she never misses an opportunity to make the day a little more fun, the decor a little more perfect, or the bride, groom, and guests a little happier. She takes obvious joy and pride in her work, and she'll go above and beyond without being asked. As something of a hands-off bride, I was truly amazed on the day of our wedding to see all the little personal touches that Donna had created with the decor, and the care that she had taken in working with all of our vendors to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Many of these details were things that I never would have thought of on my own, and yet each and every one was perfectly in tune with the feel of the event and my own vision for the day. The whole thing absolutely surpassed my wildest hopes. My parents, and especially my mom, were truly overwhelmed by the quality of Donna's work, the beauty of the entire event, and just how much fun all of our friends and family had enjoying it all. "
-- Kate McShane