"Donna is AMAZING!! I can't thank you enough, Donna, for making my day the most memorable day of my life, seriously. Your attention to details, eye for style, creativity, passion for what you do, personal touches and calm demeanor are all traits that contributed to how GREAT my day was. As brides, most of us are doing this whole wedding thing for the first time which can be extremely overwhelming. I remember trying to come up with a timeline by myself so that everyone would know the schedule and I about had a heart attack! To my rescue was Donna. As we were stuck in traffic for hours we had one of the most productive planning meetings ever. We planned out the timeline to a T and planned so much of the wedding. She was very efficient and productive and wasted no time! There are so many details that a bride does not think about, but Donna does. (: Thank you for getting to know what it was that I wanted and then turning my thoughts and ideas into reality. The day of my wedding all that I had to worry about was my hair and make up! I did not think once about the details, the organization, if it was going to flow or if everyone would know what they should be doing because Donna was in charge and she doesn't mess around. I had complete confidence in her and I couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out. Thank you for being so amazing!"
-- Courtney and David